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The Texas Pro-Business Coalition has chapters in Montgomery, Fort Bend and Harris Counties. Learn more about how to get involved.

The TXPBC Board of Trustees is comprised of local leadership from each chapter who facilitate the vetting process in key races. Their role is also to grow membership and support core values and community goals, such as the TXPBC Education Initiative, which strives to help people obtain better jobs, achieve higher goals, and live their best lives.

Advisory Board members also serve an important role, as these individuals are actively involved in the community and have a pulse for what is working well and what needs to be improved upon. The TXPBC strives to identify a diverse group of political and community leaders, and help develop future leaders, who are interested in bettering both the local community and the Great State of Texas.

Chapter members are key to the success of the TXPBC. It is critical that a broad range of small business owners, community leaders, educators
and entrepreneurs donate their time and support.

We hope you will join us today and help make an impact in the community.

Danny Signorelli
Texas Pro-Business Coalition President

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